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By using our site, we assume your agreement to our terms and conditions of use.

Terms of use: Palrishabh.com


Last Updated: [12-02-2024]

Welcome to Palrishabh.com! By engaging with and using this website, you are indicating your full agreement and acceptance of the following terms and conditions, which outline the proper and intended use of this platform.

### 1. Data Collection and Privacy

1.1 **Purpose of Data Collection:** Palrishabh.com collects user data for a variety of reasons, including fraud prevention, enhancing security measures, and continual internal improvements. We strive to provide a safe and reliable environment for our users. This data is inclusive of, but not limited to personal data including your IP, location, device type, touch screen, etc.

1.2 **Data Security:** While we take reasonable measures to safeguard your data, it is essential to note that no system is completely immune to security breaches. Despite our best efforts, Palrishabh.com cannot provide an absolute guarantee of a high level of data security. Therefore, we cannot be held liable for any potential data leaks or breaches that may occur.

1.3 **Third-Party Involvement:** It is important to be aware that certain user data, including IP addresses and personal information, may be shared with trusted third parties for collection and storage purposes. However, please note that no specific security measures are taken during this process. Palrishabh.com assumes no responsibility for the security of user data once it is shared with third parties.

### 2. Palrishabh Premium

2.1 **Subscription Benefits:** Explore the exclusive features and advantages that Palrishabh Premium offers to its subscribers. As a Palrishabh Premium member, you gain access to advanced AI models, early access to BETA features, and the ability to embed Palchat models into your own website, enabling a personalized and enhanced user experience.

2.2 **[Additional Premium Features - To be Crafted]:** In addition to the aforementioned benefits, Palrishabh Premium continually works on developing and introducing new features and improvements exclusively for its subscribers. Stay tuned for future updates on the exciting additions that will further optimize your experience with Palrishabh.com.

2.3 **[Subscription Cancellation - N/A]:** At present, we regret to inform you that subscription cancellation is not available. However, our team is actively working on providing this option in the future. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

### 3. AI-Series Features

3.1 **Functionality:** Explore the capabilities and functions of our highly advanced AI series, which comprises Palchat, Palchat V2, PalCompose, Preview: Image Creator and other components of the AI-series. These AI models are designed to respond to a wide range of queries and generate relevant content to enhance your experience. Please note that while all the generated data are owned by Palrishabh.com, the accuracy and effectiveness of the responses may vary based on the complexity of the queries. None of this content may be modified/distributed/replicated for commercial purposes without written permission.

3.2 **[Additional AI-Series Features - N/A]:** Currently, there are no additional AI-series features to highlight. However, our dedicated team is continuously working on expanding and improving the AI-series functionality. Look out for future updates and announcements regarding exciting new features that will be introduced to better serve your needs.

### 4. Beta Version

4.1 **Service Instability:** Due to the nature of being in the BETA version, it is important to understand that the services provided on Palrishabh.com may experience occasional instability and frequent changes. While we strive to ensure a seamless user experience, there might be intermittent issues during this development phase.

4.2 **Sudden Shutdowns:** Please be aware that during the BETA version of Palrishabh.com, users should anticipate possible sudden shutdowns, website instability, and frequent updates. These temporary interruptions are necessary for us to implement improvements and enhance the overall performance of the platform. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these periods.

### 5. User Conduct

5.1 **User Responsibilities:** As a user of Palrishabh.com, we encourage you to take responsibility for crafting and configuring your chatbots to meet your specific needs. By doing so, you can ensure that the resulting interactions align with your desired outcomes and objectives.

5.2 **Restrictions:** Users are strictly prohibited from using any website elements, including code, design, or content, for any purpose that includes competition with Palrishabh.com, unauthorized modification, replication, distribution, or any form of interference with the website's proper functioning. It is essential to adhere to these restrictions, as failure to do so may lead to serious legal consequences.

### 6. Updates and Modifications

6.1 **Notification:** While we strive to keep users informed about any modifications made to the Terms and Conditions, please note that we do not provide individual notifications for every change. By visiting Palrishabh.com regularly and reviewing the Terms and Conditions section, you will stay up to date with any modifications or updates. We appreciate your attention to these details.

### 7. Termination of Accounts

7.1 **Grounds for Termination:** Palrishabh.com reserves the right to terminate user accounts in the event of any violations or breaches of the Terms and Conditions stated herein. We encourage all users to adhere to these guidelines to ensure a safe and respectful environment for everyone.

7.2 **Account Help/Termination:** If you require assistance or wish to request account termination, please contact our support team by emailing help@palrishabh.com. We are here to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have regarding your Palrishabh.com account.

### 8. Legal actions & Judiciary-

8.1 The palrishabh.com foundation is based on the jursdiction of India and its digital laws apply. Any violation to our terms and conditions of use as well as our code of conduct can lead to serious legal actions and palrishabh.com reserves the right to grant legal consequences to the user.

8.2 Palrishabh.com Foundation is governed by the jurisdiction of India and itself along with its terms and conditions and reserves right to violate any of terms and conditions, customer service or compromise on any aspect of its service. In such cases, it should be brought to the attention of developers and the problem will be resolved in 60-70 working days.

###9 Content ownership & Usage-

9.1 All elements of the Palrishabh.com and Palrishabh BETA website is owned by palrishabh.com. Palrishabh.com's reserves rights and protects its contents, and copying, distributing or modifying any content without written permission can result in serious legal consequences.

9.2 Any content generated by the user using any AI Series of palrishabh.com belongs to palrishabh.com, and any and every element in the AI series of palrishabh.com is owned by palrishabh.com including but not limited to the prompt and the output produced. While using Palrishabh.com's free version, the user is granted preview rights, which is stated in the ###10 section.

9.3 Palrishabh.com may ask the user at any time to surrender any data generated and the user must immediately suspend and surrender the content and eliminate it from any sector used(if any)

9.4 Content generated and in palrishabh.com must be used responsibly, and no irrelevant, harrassing, threatening, offensive or inappropriate content may be provided or used by palrishabh.com. This can lead to serious legal actions and the user will be responsible.

###10 Preview version

10.1 Anything subjected to the preview version along with the whole Palrishabh Free version is subjected to these rules and regulations and must be followed to avoid legal consequences.

10.2 While using Preview version, you're given the rights to

10.2.a- Generate content using your prompt

10.2.b- Use the generated content which was generated by your prompt.

10.2.c-  Use all palrishabh.com content in your own pieces

10.2.d- Use content for personal use

10.3 But the above rights are given provided appropriate citations are given that explicitly and clearly state the involvement of palrishabh.com in the production or usage of the content.

10.4 The restrictions and rules while using Preview version include-

10.4.a- The content generated is still owned by and is a property of Palrishabh.com.

10.4.b- No content in the Preview version may be used for commercial purposes.

10.4.c- Usage of content by no means can challenge or compete with palrishabh.com.

10.4.d- Palrishabh.com, holding ownership has all rights to copy/distribute/manipulate or do anything for that matter with the   content

10.4.e- Palrishabh.com may demand surrender of content and it must be done immediately and suspended off aplication. Palrishabh.com may restrict the usage of content as well at any time post generation.