Palchat V5.0

INTRODUCING: Palchat V5.0 Preview!

We've decided to now transform  and revolutionize AI. On our mission to empowering people with AI, we're introducing Palchat V5.0. Here's what it has got to offer:

Yes, you read that right! With much more intellectual and reasoning capabilities, mastered code generation, more than 4x the input length allowed, more than 2x the output length allowed, allowing you to upload any file and our all-new 'Access the Web' to make our information much more reliable, you're welcome to your next-gen. AI-assistant, and this is a preview, we offer much more in our Premium, now only for $25 for the first month instead of $30! Since this is a Premium AI, we offer it for limited time to allow users to try it out and get a feel of Palrishabh 'Premium AI'. We've targetted both Quantity and Quality this time!

You're welcome! We await you to try our all-new, ever-so-intelligent Palchat V5.0 Preview...