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Our special greetings from the community! Welcome to an abundance of rich education, breaking down the most complex physical phenomenon into the simplest it can be just for you! Take enjoyment in our AI series, designed just for you in composing serious texts to creating enjoyable vignettes to analysing documents and huge texts, all the way to creating a whole code with a single prompt and of course, our palchat, a general purpose assistant that is best at just...everything.


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-Human's action and the Earth's reaction by Rishabh Pal

-Quantum Entanglement Reshaped Reality by Rishabh Pal

Human's action and the Earth's reaction

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We're introducing palrishabh Premium(BETA) our new location for the best learning experience you can ever have, rivers of simplified knowledge flowing through, and our AI Series better than ever before.

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We aim to walk a step ahead to our aim of helping the society grow and learn, by doing everything in our capability. While we do so, we still have our limits, and you can eliminate them by supporting us.

In a step to achieving our goal, we introduce our recently launched AI Series. This series aims to encompass all sorts of tools you'd require the next time you want to do something educational. We've already introduced 5 such models back-to-back, and we're planning for more! Welcome!

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