Welcome to Palrishabh AI. We develop and involve powerful AI for everyone with the aim of revolutionizing AI and education. 

Here's what we offer in brief:

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Right now, we have the following AI brands by available all of which are subjected to the terms and conditions of

We introduce DEV-hub made specifically for developers. We understand that many developers don't know to code in this fast-paced world, and we've developed a solution to ensure they can catch up with the world's technology. DEV-hub can produce cutting-edge code for Premium users and high-quality code for all users.

Introducing NeuralNexa:

We introduce NeuralNexa, our constantly developing AI platform made for users to achieve anything. Harness the power of AI for getting more productive, creative and powerful, for our versatile AI are capable of just anything!

One of our most powerful AI, Palchat S2 gives you the feature of uploading your own document as context and speaking that would enable your chat to truly become yours. Palchat S2 is also capable of reasoning and is skilled demonstrating state-of-the-art performance. 

Right now, we offer NeuralNexus to only a limited set of people and prioritise schools(students) and businesses first. We're planning to soon expand NeuralNexus after it's out of its BETA phase.