AI Series

Welcome to the AI Series by We aim to be a step ahead, always, and thus introducing our AI Series, which is at your disposal to help you learning with no bounds. Of course we have our own limitations, but you can eliminate them by supporting us, or get a premium membership!

All of our models were made recently and introduced one after another, back-to-back, and hence may give you surprises. By this, we mean you might not get the result you expect and surprises are possible. Your feedback at this time is very important for us, so if you may spend some moments in writing us a feedback, we'd appreciate it. Thank you and we hope you benefit from our AI Series.

All models listed below are part of the S1  AI:

The models below are extremely powerful and are skilled in their field, part of the S1 'Series 1' AI. But don't  beware that that's not the limit, and even more powerful models skilled in reasoning, creativity and much more are part of the S2 AI. We also offer GPT-4 as part of the S2 AI? Want access to S2 AI? Subscribe to Premium and receive 200 credits.

Introducing Palchat S1:

We are introducing Palchat Series 1, a series of Palchat models, constantly evolving! Our 1st Palchat model is great for responding in an educational, understandable and simplified manner. Palchat V2(introduced 15-12-2023) is capable of giving much more text with every side of the prompt considered, and responded in detail. Try it now!

We've introduced Palchat V2!

Introducing PalComposer:

We have recently introduced PalComposer, an AI model that can compose a wide range of formats and texts for you, ranging from Essays, to Articles and Blogs, or even E-mails. With tone adjustment, you can adjust your tone and have your signature in the text!

Introducing PalShakespeare:

We introduce our AI Inbuilt PalShakespeare, for converting the most complex, yet beautiful Shakespeare text into your readable language with a complexity of your choice!

Introducing PalCoder:

Have we ever stopped? No! and nor should you! We now introduce the PalCoder; a skilled coding model so that you're not limited by your abilities, only by your creativity!

Introducing PalVignette:

We aim to cover every field with AI just for you, and we're not going to stop! Producing these descriptive artworks are no exceptions; Welcome to PalVignette, a skilled writer who'll ensure to give you more than what you expect, is at your disposal.

Introducing PalDocanalyser:

One can understand it is painful to copy segments of your document and ask document related queries. Is that the same in your case? Don't worry! You're not alone! We are introducing PalDocAnalyser(BETA) so you upload your document and we answer your query.



Introducing PalAnalyser[BETA]:

Welcome to one of our most powerful backed up models,  PalAnalyser. Feed it the most complicated data one would ever see and get entertained as it outputs insights based on your input about the data provided. Welcome, to our new PalAnalyser.

Introducing PalParaphrase:

Your text might not have the right tone, or the right way for speaking to your audience, and that's exactly why we're here! We are wanting to give you a grand welcome to PalParaphrase, useful in transforming long texts into the tone you want!

Introducing PalMotivate:

Demotivated about anything? Facing any challenges? Don't see how to reach your goal? We're at your back, to support you in every step! Try PalMotivate preview version!

Introducing: Image Creator: Preview-

Create stunning knife-painting images with Image Creator Preview. Try our image generation and its power and skill in creating artworks. Surprised? That's not it...generate much better images with Palrishabh Premium...

Introducing: PalPoem-

Analyse the most complex poems in every aspect and get your result in human, readable language. Try it now with any poem!

Introducing PalPoet:

Craft the most ethereal and beautfiul poems existing on land with PalPoet S1. Allow it to justify its poem with the different devices it used! Come, craft one in seconds...