palchat V1

Your personalised educational AI assistant, at the tip of your hands...

Introducing the new palchat! To continue moving a step ahead, here we are, introducing our personalised study assistant palchat. 

Your chats may be recorded and scanned for appropriate usage and improvement purposes.

Our chat is new, so your feedback helps us improve. We sincerely request you to try our experience and write us a feedback by clicking the button below to mail us. The more mistakes you find, the better for us!

Good News! We've introduced the S2.1 Palchat that is much more powerful at reasoning and data processing and much more and GPT-4 as well. Access it with Palrishabh Premium.

Improved Palchat for better responses. If you'd like to access the premium version(200 credits) and access to premium AI models, please reach out to us at 

*You're subject to our terms and conditions.